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Karate :
Senseï Krabob put it this way : "Karate is a demo Script engine used to run demo on a lot of amiga, from 68030 aga with no FPU to 68060 or UAE amiga with Cybergraphics. It uses simple text scripts to define the whole demo. It's xml-HTML like."

Karate is a powerful demo making engine. Features are :

  • Easy to write, easy to learn, easy to master,
  • Manipulation of sprites (with datatype support) and animation,
  • Easy transparency effects, using simple color remapping tables,
  • 2D Texture Matrix transformations (twirl, warper, tunnel, ground & ceiling ...),
  • Blurring effects,
  • Scrolltexts (vertical or horizontal),
  • Modules in P61 (for real classic Amigas, or good emulator) or DigiBoosterPro (for all system through AHI, using dbplayer.library, which allows synchonisation between viewing and listening pleasure),
  • Animation of simple built-in 3D objects (Sphere, Torus, Cube, Stars) and sophisticated Lightwave objects & scenes.

Links :
Karate can be found at [], but you can also check [] for hints about the soon-to-be-released updates.

Karate Homepage Ultimate french demo team !

Downloads :
If you are not cocky enought to download karate from its homepage, we provide direct downloads just there :

[Download Karate 1.2 from] and [Download DevKit from]
[Local Direct Karate Download] and [Local Direct DevKit Download].

We also provide usefull stuff :

  • [Krun] a small utility to run (and somewhat debug using a frame counter) your scripts,
  • [Klauncher] a small and easy-to-configure launcher,
  • [] an AmigaGuide summing up all Karate v1.00 commands [ReadMe].

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