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Here are our modest productions in Karate.
Before downloading, check the sound system of the demo ! Demos in DBM will use AHI and can be run on all systems (including pegasos), whereas demos in P61 will run only on real paula equipped amiga or good emulator. Demos in MP3 will obviously run on all system which has sufficient CPU power to handle both Karate and Mpega. See the [Requirements].

Demos :
Name of the ReleasePlaceDateRankDownloadsSound system
ButterFly TvAlchimie 22002.09.07-081[lha] [Info]DBM
Amiga ForeverIGDRP 22003.05.09-111[lha] [Info]MP3
Play (Old)SchoolHunoParty2003.03.30-
1[lha] [Info]DBM
Watching TvAlchimie 32003.10.08-101[lha] [Info]DBM
Gods In The GardenIGDRP 32004.05.21-232[lha] [Info]DBM, P61
[Bloody Mary and Jean Paul] Feel ThirstyHunoParty 22004.06.12-131[lha] [Info]DBM, P61
ColorBlind [Edited version]Alchimie 42004.09.24-261=[lha] [Info]DBM
FastCodes :
Name of the ReleasePlaceDateRankDownloadsSound system
FastCodEquinoxeEquinoxe2003.03.22-232[lha] [Info]DBM
Smoke On The LaM3RzIGDRP 22003.05.09-112[lha] [Info]DBM
F003_UnnamedCoinParty2003.12.20-21N/A[lha] [Info]DBM
Invtros :
Name of the ReleasePlaceDateRankDownloadsSound system
LamersPartyLamersParty2002.10.19-20N/A[lha] [Info]P61
HamsterPartyHamsterParty2003.09.27-28N/A[lha] [Info]None
CointroCoinParty2003.12.20-21N/A[lha] [Info]ugly DBM
NaintroIGDRP 32004.05.21-23N/A[lha] [Info]DBM, P61

Requirements :
Useful stuff to download, if you haven't it already :

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