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Welcome to LightOurFire

This is a lite version. The old pages were outdated, (they are still available [here]) and next PureLamersHQ is still far from completion, so here are these temporary pages.

These pages will be entirely dedicated to [Karate], a marvelous demo making language by Krabob, and all our projects related to this, including our own [demos], and our highly anticipated Karate editor, [Kimono].


Clac Clac Clac we're bic with StarTruk-Cow Do you Really Think You Are, our entry for Alchimie 6 code compo... look at this temporary "party version" while waiting for a more stylish edited version (let's open the bet : how much will we make you wait ?).
This one requires lots of memory (around 38 Mo).
2006.10.29 Back from the dead a.k.a. the Cyalys update
AT LAST !! The EDITED version of Colorblind, our entry for Alchimie 4 code compo, is FINALLY available !! NO ADDITIONNAL info in this OUTDATED [readme]. Wait a little more time for some more recent demos/updates.
More news : added Kimono snapshots (Yeah ! this web site rulez !).
More news : Karate has been updated to v1.2 since last update.
At last !! The party version of Colorblind, our entry for Alchimie 4 code compo, is available !! More info in this [readme]. Check here regularly for the final version.
Big news !! Karate 1.00 is available at all good stores !! Therefore, as been updated.
2004.07.02 is available in the [Karate/downloads] section.
Posted snapshots of version 0.3.20040625 of [Kimono]
Upload of all the [demos] is complete (this dumb PC s*cked completely the first upload).
Opening of these new pages.
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